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3 Quick Steps to Improve your Organizational Culture

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 24, 2017 2:48:10 AM / by Sally Robinson




We’ve all worked there. That stale, dull office which seems to suck the energy from each employee as they enter the building. The walls are grey, the atmosphere is grey and the people look like they’re turning grey. Employees count down the minutes until they can escape this stifling environment for their lunch time burrito or cigarette break. Stress levels are high and ‘fun’ is an unthinkable prospect.


Luckily, not all offices are like this. There is another way. Believe it or not offices can be desirable and even enjoyable places to spend time. Whether your organizational culture feels totally hopeless and stagnant or is just in need of a little facelift, we can help you to improve it in just a few simple steps.


  1. Encourage your employees to make friends. Yes, with each other!

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that fulfilling relationships in the office make for a much happier workforce. And contrary to what many might think, research shows that the more friends one has at work, the more productive they are as an employee. Let’s face it, do you do better quality work when you’re feeling happy and feel appreciated or cranky and lonely? It makes sense really.

 Do your best to help foster these beneficial relationships. This could be a matter of clearing time on your employees’ calendars for a casual beer on a Friday, catering office lunches so people mix during their lunch break or even setting up an office sports team. Whatever it is, make sure everyone is included so employees have the chance to befriend colleagues they may never have spoken to before. 


  1. Promote a healthy lifestyle

It seems pretty counterproductive to allocate tons of budget towards employee health insurance every year if you’re doing little to look after these same employees' health within the office. To promote better health (and hopefully fewer sick days!) try researching healthy office snacks and meal options. If your office provides these, this will help prevent employees reaching for that doughnut at 11am and increasing their chances of diabetes. Healthy fresh food in the office can also have a significant impact on mood and energy levels. As well as some healthier food options, consider hosting some in-house exercise classes. Office yoga always goes down a treat and again, helps employees to branch out of their usual groups.


  1. Keep dress casual and comfortable

It’s 2017. You don’t want your employees to associate their workplace with a tasteless infomercial from the 1970s. There is little merit in enforcing a draconian dress code if the only outcome is making employees feel uncomfortable and sweaty. Loosen up and allow your workforce to dress how they want to dress. All hell isn’t going to break loose if Deborah from finance wears a pair of jeans to the office tomorrow.  A casual dress code also helps your company to be perceived as forward-thinking and modern.

Improving your organizational culture doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Even just implementing one or two of the steps above could have a significant impact on the vibe in your office. Of course, this list is far from exhaustive and there a plenty more steps that can be taken to improve your organizational culture. Download our extensive guide below for expert tips on creating a happier workplace. 


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